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Other Voices, Other Doors
by Patrick O'Leary

Subject: Science Fiction / Fantasy / Speculative Fiction
Publisher: Fairwood Press (USA)

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first edition trade paperback, 200pp p/b, ISBN 0966818431, 2001 N/A out of stock

Other Voices, Other Doors cover

    Patrick O'Leary wants to tell you a story: about Van Morrison, and vasectomies, and the aliens who are us; about the way it feels -- really feels -- to be alive and loving and hurting in a world made of wonders. So pull up a chair, open this book: and listen.
    Kathe Koja
    Other Voices, Other Doors is essential O'Leary -- zany, serious, unclassifiable, and delightful. It reveals the many brilliant facets of a deeply humane and utterly original writer.
    Kathleen Ann Goonan
    Other Voices, Other Doors neatly captures the kaleidoscopic nature of Patrick O'Leary's imagination. Begin reading with any piece -- short story, essay, poem -- and when you next check the time you will find hours have flown like some impossible bird. A truly hypnotic collection.
    Jeffrey Ford

Other Voices, Other Doors collects the best stories, poems and nonfiction of the last 20 years by Patrick O'Leary, acclaimed author of Door Number Three and The Gift.

O'Leary's first collection of writing, this is an unabashedly different book, a celebration of the inexhaustible shape-shifting power of stories. It is fantastic. It is mundane. And we are not in Kansas anymore.

Other Voices, Other Doors includes:

  • A magical poetry-making device from Yugoslavia
  • Alternate John Lennons
  • A bat whose bite transforms an ordinary boy into a genius
  • An amateur alien novelist who cannot sell his autobiography even when it's disguised as science fiction
  • A hit man who specialises in retribution for bad book reviews
  • The Story of Job, starring Randy Newman
  • The mystery of the greatest living writer
  • The shocking truth behind Door Number Three
  • A tennis match between Freud and Jung
  • A graphic description of a promising author's vasectomy
  • The strangest nudie bar on the planet
  • A Cowboy Hospital Romance