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Paperback Parade cover

Paperback Parade

Subject: Reviews & Criticism / For Readers
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: USA

Full of interviews, news, articles, letters, ads, lists, the best writing in the field, and many cover repros of scarce collectible pbs, each issue of Paperback Parade is an extravaganza! Indispensible for book lovers and collectors!

Issues available: Our Price inc. p&p Status

Interview with A.S. 'Sid' Fleischman, plus Fleischman paperback checklist, getting classic British westerns back into print, twenty-five all-time SF greats, in conversation with Swedish pulp cover artist Bertil Hegland, and an appreciation of publishers Holloway House (A5, 108pp) N/A out of stock

H.P. Lovecraft Special Issue with a comprehensive guide to collecting HPL in paperback, a US paperback checklist, and HPL adaptations in comics. Also includes an interview with Stanley Meltzoff plus checklist, and all the usual news, letters and adverts (A5, 112pp) N/A out of stock

Appreciations of Joe Barry and Charles Beaumont, articles on 1960s superspy paperbacks, the Ace Double crime paperbacks, Ian Fleming's James Bond books, plus an interview with Don Sontup and all the usual new, letters and adverts (A5, 108pp) N/A out of stock

Articles on writing erotic paperbacks, collectable SF paperbacks, British 'Dragon Books', and undeservedly neglected hardboiled paperbacks, appreciations of Mike Avallone and Ron Turner, interviews with Walter Wager (AKA John Tiger) and Len Levinson, plus plenty of news, letters and adverts (A5, 104pp) N/A out of stock

Articles on the author Charles Willeford, the secret pulps of Walter Mitty, how paperbacks end up being pulped, 'leg art' paperback covers, and Mike Barry's 'Lone Wolf' series, plus interviews with Algis Budrys and 'best of the West' editor Bill Pronzini, as well as plenty of news, letters and adverts (A5, 108pp) N/A out of stock

Articles on adult-oriented gay and lesbian paperbacks of the 40s-60s, 0008 and Clyde Allison, plus an interview with Barclay Shaw, an appreciation of John Garbarino, and plenty of news, letters and adverts (A5, 108pp) N/A out of stock

Articles on Laurence James, SF art in paperback, Carter Brown's unscientific thrillers, Luigi and Mannheim, the gangster novels of W.R. Burnett, and book collector Jon White, plus an interview with Morris Hershman (A5, 116pp) N/A out of print

Articles on George Henry Smith, unbilled stars, world fantasy classics, fun and agony in the paperbacks, and the New Jersey PB Expo (A5, 104pp) N/A out of stock