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The Plague Saint
by Rita Donovan

Subject: Science Fiction
Publisher: Tesseract Books (Canada)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition hardback, 155pp, ISBN 1895836298, 1997 UK only: £30.00 in stock
trade paperback, 155pp, ISBN 189583628X, 1997 UK only: £19.95 in stock

The Plague Saint cover

Written by two-time Ottawa-Carleton Book Award winner Rita Donovan, The Plague Saint describes a world torn apart by a sexually transmitted plague. The compelling story centres around Lily Dalriada, the mother of a child illicitly conceived by actual intercourse, who is chosen by the church to be the next Saint. Will Lily's courage and love for her daughter be enough to stop her from being brainwashed? Or will the church prove to be strong enough to dominate everyone, including Lily?