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The Planet Suite
by Allen Ashley

Subject: Science Fiction / Speculative Fiction
Publisher: TTA Press (UK)

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first edition paperback, 98pp, ISBN 0952694719, 1996 N/A out of stock

The Planet Suite cover

    Any novel that sails the rough seas between mainstream and genre is to be welcomed -- this is the course for the future! Allen Ashley, with Gustav Holst aboard, keeps a firm hold on the compass
    Brian Aldiss

Each successive astronaut has gazed back and found our magic marble a little less blue. The Moon landings offered a promise which is never likely to be delivered. Maybe the only solar system we can explore is as a concept and collection of myths, ideas and images of Venus, Mars, Mercury and so forth; to wit, the planets in our heads...

A tour de force of memory, mythology and astronomy, this is the most audacious debut novel of the 1990s.