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Subject: Science Fiction / Horror
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: UK (NSFA)

Science fiction, fantasy horror, genre poetry, fantasy art magazine. At least a dozen cutting-edge short stories in every issue, plus our unique graphic poems! From the publisher of The Zone.

    Amusing ... unnerving ... disturbing ... excellent ... inspirational ... a diverse ... generally entertaining package

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2004 relaunch issue

Fiction by K. Bannerman, John Paul Catton, Stepan Chapman, Tim Clare, Hugh Cook, Andrew Darlington, Phil Emery, Chad Hensley, David Hudson, Antony Mann, Mark Mellon, Debbie Moon, and David Rawson; plus poetry by K.V. Bailey, Larry Blazek, Ed Blundell, Cathy Buburuz, Steven Hampton, John Francis Haines, J.C. Hartley, Lilith Lorraine, Claire Marshall, Wade Robertson, Steve Sneyd, J.P.V. Stewart, and Don Webb (A4, 60pp) UK only: £4.50 in stock

Fiction by Tom Baldwin, S. Darnbrook Colson, Deidra Cox, Dominic Dulley, Chris Fretwell, Shaun Jeffrey, M.F. Korn, D.F. Lewis, N.D. Long, Kevin Lyons, Katherine Roberts, Charles M. Saplak, Peter Tennant, and Steve Urwin; plus poetry by Larry Blazek, Ed Blundell, Bruce Boston, Andrew Darlington, J.C. Hartley, Wolfgang Luckmann, Brian Maycock, Wade Robbertson, William P. Robertson, Steve Sneyd, Geoff Stevens, J.P.V. Stewart, and Steve Urwin N/A out of print

Fiction by Shaun Jeffrey, Wayne Edwards, D. Sandy Neilsen, David Logan, Marc L. Harris, Andrew Darlington, N.D. Long, Menzies McKillop, Ebius, D.F. Lewis, Roger Stone, William Meikle, and William L. Ramseyer, plus verse by Stephen Bowkett, Bruce Boston, Robert Frazier, William P. Robertson, Steve Sneyd, and J.P.V. Stewart (A5, 72pp) N/A out of print

Fiction by John Light, Stephen Markley, William Meikle, Alan Garside, Alex Mellor, Chris Fretwell, Neal Asher, Geoff Jackson, Michael F. Korn, Uncle River, Jennifer Swift, Gary Lynn Morton, William L. Ramseyer, and D.F. Lewis, plus verse by Steve Sneyd, Wayne Edwards, Alan Garside, J.F. Haines, J.C. Hartley, Rhys H. Hughes, Ann Keith, William P. Robertson, Sam Smith, and Steve Urwin (A5, 88pp) N/A out of stock

Fiction by Valery Gallego, Raymond K. Avery, D.F. Lewis, Neal Asher, Amy Wolf, Anthony North, Geoff Jackson, Shaun Jeffrey, Andrew Darlington, M.F. Korn, and Cliff Burns, plus verse by Bruce Boston, Andrew Darlington, Wayne Edwards, John F, Haines, Scott C. Halstad, Ann Keith, William P. Robertson, and Steve Sneyd (A5, 64pp) UK only: £2.50 in stock