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Psychotropedia: A Guide to Publications on the Periphery
by Russ Kick

Subject: Marginalia / For Readers
Publisher: Headpress Critical Vision (UK)

Recommended for adult readers only

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
trade paperback, 576pp, ISBN 1900486032, 1998 N/A out of stock

Psychotropedia: A Guide to Publications on the Periphery cover

    An indespensable resource which includes more than the usual counter-cultural suspects
    The truth might not be out there, but it's certainly in Psychotropedia

Psychotropedia is the follow-up to Russ Kick's acclaimed book Outposts. A massive survey of publications that exist outside the mainstream, it provides detailed reviews and ordering information for over 1100 books, zines, catalogues and other media.

  • Learn about the skills no on wants you to have: beating lie detectors, hacking cellular phones, growing magic mushrooms, and giving yourself oral sex.
  • Get the inside stories on the Oklahoma City Bombing, SM, sex work, cockfights, the Men in Black, breast implants, body modification, marijuana, Mother Teresa, Heaven's Gate, off-shore money havens, suicide, free energy, juror nullification, bestiality, enemas, secrets of famous magicians, and suppressed treatments for cancer and AIDS.
  • Discover the work of taboo-shattering artists and writers, including Andres Serrano, Richard Kern, Annie Sprinkle, David Hamilton, Joel-Peter Witkin, Negativland, Diamanda Galas, Hakim Bey, Mike Diana, David Britton, and Elissa Wald.
  • Unearth the scary facts about vaccines and fluoride, and what it's like to be a real-life vampire.

Psychotropedia covers these and hundreds of other touchy and unorthodox topics. More, importantly, it tells you exactly how you can find out more for yourself.