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Quantum cover


Subject: Science Fiction / Reviews & Criticism
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: USA

Formerly known as Thrust Science Fiction & Fantasy Review, Quantum was a well-respected and five-time Hugo nominated review magazine, aimed at SF fans and professionals.

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Interview with Lisa Goldstein, plus articles by Nancy Springer, Michael Bishop, Ardath Mayhar, Poul Anderson, and Joe Haldeman (A4, 36pp) N/A out of print

Interview with Ray Bradbury, plus articles by Norman Spinrad, Michael Swanwick, Michael Bishop, and Poul Anderson (A4, 36pp) N/A out of print

Interviews with Connie Willis and Michael Kube-McDowell, plus articles by Kim Stanley Robinson, Michael Bishop, and Andrew Weiner (A4, 36pp) N/A out of print

Interview with Michael G. Coney, plus articles by David Langford, Poul Anderson, Paul Di Filippo, Richard E. Geis, and Ardath Mayhar (A4, 36pp) N/A out of print

Interview with James Morrow, plus articles by Michael Bishop, Gene Wolfe, Ronald Anthony Cross, Poul Anderson, and Nancy Etchemendy (A4, 32pp) N/A out of print
Thrust #35

Interview with Martin Caidin, plus articles by Ian Watson, Charles Sheffield, and Poul Anderson (A4, 32pp) N/A out of print