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edited by Darren Floyd

Subject: Horror
Publisher: RazorBlade Press (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, 146pp, ISBN 0953146804, 1997 UK: £3.99
Europe: £6.75
USA: £7.80
Elsewhere: £8.25
in stock

Razorblades cover

    ...not for the faint hearted...ghoulish and macabre
    The Big Issue
    From the...toe curling cover to the last blood soaked tale this is a gruesome experience...If this book is anything to go by there's one hell of a bunch of sick puppies lurcking in those mountains...it makes a good visceral read, managing to be both gory and engaging, which is what you want from horror

A selection of fiction from the first seven issues of horror magazine Raw Nerve, with contributions from Brian Willis, Peter Young, Tim Lebbon, Rhys Hughes, Julia Jones, Ian Girle, Andrew J. Campbell, Gary Greenwood, Paul Chidgey, Jane Fell, D.F. Lewis & Stuart Hughes, Douglas Brewis, and Adrian Harding.