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Red Spider White Web
by Misha

Subject: Science Fiction / Speculative Fiction
Publisher: Wordcraft of Oregon (USA)

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trade paperback, 236pp, ISBN 1877655295, 1999 N/A out of stock

Red Spider White Web cover

    Misha's Red Spider White Web is, quite simply, everything cyberpunk should have been but wasn't ... The book is bleak, intense, and more accurate in its critique of contemporary US culture's cruelty and ignorance than any book I have ever read.
    Dr Elyce Helford, Editor/Author, Enterprise Zones
    [Misha's] importance and distinctiveness are beginning to be noticed, there's beginning to be some kind of rip-tide here that will soon become a wave of recognition for a book that the world is beginning to catch up to ... We weren't ready before. We'd better be ready about now. Because it's the 21st century, any minute now, and that means that Misha's time has come. In more ways than one.
    John Shirley, from his introduction to the new edition
    We belong to an age where apocalypse is our daily bread, coffee's black, and we know we're part of the abyss. Red Spider White Web is right on target in conveying that understanding. It splinters in the mind ... the underworld of the century's imaginings.
    Brian Aldiss, from his foreword

First US publication of the acclaimed British edition which was a finalist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award (1990) and winner of a Readercon Award (1991).