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Roadworks cover


Subject: Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror / Speculative Fiction
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: UK

A magazine of imaginative fiction, publishing a broad selection of stories covering the horror, SF, dark fantasy and slipstream genres. The title refers to the hard road the writer has to travel to get published and achieve recognition. The magazine contains stories of quality – by known writers and promising newcomers – that may shock, may challenge your perceptions, but above all will entertain you.

N.B.Roadworks was discontinued in January 2004 and repleaced with a new magazine, Midnight Street.

Issues available: Our Price inc. p&p Status

Behind the Veil: Fiction by Marion Arnott, Gary Couzens, Simon Woodward & D.F. Lewis, Tony Richards, Jay Lake, Colin Mackay, Charlie Williams, Robert Bagnall, Michael O'Connor, Ken Goldman, and Ralph Robert Moore, plus an interview with Marion Arnott (A5, 124pp p/b) UK only: £5.00 in stock

Slow Burn: Fiction by Jason Gould, Gary Couzens, Paul Ward, John Wilson, Paul Finch, John Paul Catton, Martin Owton, and Steve Redwood, plus an interview with Robert Rankin (A5, 124pp p/b) UK only: £5.00 in stock

Fiction by Nina Allan, Brad Evans, Matt Smith, Andrew Humphrey, Sara-Jayne Townsend, Tim Groome, Gene-Michael Higney, Paul Finch, Nancy Bennett, Weston Ochse, Shaun Donnelly, Jay Lake, Kim Padgett-Clarke, Peter Tennant, and Vincent Lynch (A5, 124pp p/b) UK only: £5.00 in stock

Fiction by Brenda Rubin, Andrew Humphrey, Simon Logan, Sharon Bidwell, Mario Petrucci, D.J. Wheatley, Matthew Firth, R.H. Chambers, James Ward, Paul Williams, Holly Day, Paul Rencher, David Sivier, Mark West, Dan Coxon, Cheryl Sonnier, Ben Barton, Kevin L. Donihe, David Ratcliffe, Paul Marshall, and Allen Ashley (A5, 124pp p/b) UK only: £5.00 in stock

Fiction by Cliff Burns, Andrew Hook, Eoin Henderson, Neil Williamson, Steve Redwood, Martin Owton, Tim Nickels, Mark Howard Jones, Joel Lane, Paul A. Toth, James McConnon, Mario Petrucci, jon g, Peter Tennant, Allen Ashley, David Gullen, Alec Worley, Andrew Roberts, and Michael Kelly (A5, 120pp p/b) UK only: £5.00 in stock

Fiction by Joel Lane, Paul Pinn, Hertzan Chimera, Paul Finch, Michael Cobley, Jane Fell, Peter Tennant, Michelle Scalise, Allen Ashley, and Ralph Robert Moore, plus Nicholas Royle as featured writer (A5, 120pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fistion by James Burr, Rosanne Rabinowitz, Allen Ashley, Cardinal Cox, Dan Coxon, Kay Fletcher, Emma Lee, Alec Worley, Ben Counter, and Mark McLaughlin, plus Marni Scofidio Griffin as featured writer (A5, 114pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fiction by Craig Jones, Steve Redwood, Robert Neilson, D.F. Lewis & David Price, Robert Hrdina, Christian Saunders, Richard Snarski, Simon Logan, Stuart Young, Roz Southey, Edward Parker, Paul Bradshaw, Ralph Robert Moore, Jesse F. Knight, and Richard Reeve, plus Lauren Halkon as featured writer (A5, 110pp) N/A out of print

Fiction by Sean Russell Friend, Sara-Jayne Townsend, Peter Tennant, James Ward, John B. Ford, Geoff Jackson, Steve Dean, jon g, Rhys Hughes, Jake Lagnado, Stuart Young, Wilson Orozco, Paul Pinn, Paul Lockey, and L.H. Maynard & M.P.N. Sims, plus Steve Harris as featured writer (A5, 118pp p/b) UK only: £3.00 in stock

Fiction by Rhys Hughes, Stephen Baxter, Paul Finch, Robert D. Richards, Richard Reeve, Ray Clark, Andrew Hook, Allen Ashley, Clinton Wastling, Mark McLaughlin, Paul Pinn, and Lauren Halkon, with Ceri Jordan as featured writer (A5, 116pp p/b) N/A out of stock

Fiction by Ben Counter, William Meikle, James Ward, Nicholas Royle, Jason Conway, Jon Summers, Martin Owton, Tim Lebbon, Rhys Hughes, and Gary Couzens, plus D.F. Lewis as featured writer (A5, 112pp p/b) UK only: £3.00 in stock

Fiction by Dan Coxon, Lyn McConchie, Lauren Halkon, Leo Keary, Sean Logan, David Ratcliffe, Gary Couzens, Stuart Young, Anthea Holland & D.F. Lewis, D.F. Lewis & Hertzan Chimera, Michael Pendragon, Andres Vaccari, Gary McMahon, jon g, Allen Ashley, and Alan Frackelton, plus Andrew Hook as featured writer (A4, 64pp) UK only: £2.50 in stock

Fiction by Karen Bucker, Ken Goldman, jon g, Brenda Rubin, D.F. Lewis & Stuart Hughes, Phillip Gething, Paul Lockey, Mark McLaughlin, Peter Tennant, Lauren Halkon, Nicola Morrison, Nigel Johnson, Dan Coxon, Pamela Stuart, Stuart Young, Jason Conway, Michelle Scalise, and Richard Reeve, plus Paul Finch as featured writer (A4, 60pp) N/A out of print

Fiction by Mark McLaughlin, Cheryl Jessop, Lauren Halkon, David Ratcliffe, Paul Williams, Andrew Hook, Ash Miller, Rhys Hughes, Clinton Wastling, Peter Tennant, Ben Counter, Mark Leon Collins, Paul Finch, Steve Lockley, Martin Owton, Valerie Thame, Robert Adamovich, and John B. Ford, plus Allen Ashley as featured writer (A4, 60pp) N/A out of print

Fiction by Lauren Halkon, Judy Cooke, Martin Owton, Maria Contos, Dave Gullen, Allen Ashley, Ceri Jordan, Val Waters, Joseph Moore, Paul Bradshaw, John Halladay, J. Clare, Tim Lebbon, Rhys Hughes, and David Ratcliffe, plus Paul Pinn as featured writer (A4, 60pp) N/A out of stock

Fiction by Anthea Holland & D.F. Lewis, Michael O'Connor, Christine Goody, Allen Ashley, L.H. Maynard & M.P.N. Sims, Mark Leon Collins, Val Waters, Trevor Denyer, Paul Pinn, and Anthony Lewing, plus Gary Couzens as featured writer (A4, 48pp) N/A out of print