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Systems of Romance
by Paul Evenblij & Paul Harland

Subject: Science Fiction
Publisher: Babel Publications (Netherlands)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition paperbadk, 294pp, ISBN 9073730279, 1995 UK: £5.99
Europe: £8.75
USA: £9.80
Elsewhere: £10.25
in stock

Systems of Romance cover

    As though Gaudi's biomorphic constructions had been rendered in brushed aluminium and industrial diamonds, laser-scanned and blasted as a light show above the capitols of Europe -- with music by Dead Can Dance.
    Richard Kadrey

A terrorist attempts to destroy a virtual cathedral ... One of the Last Boys, consumed by his need for love, creates life too hastily and has to face the consequences ... In a Paris plagued by the parrots which once saved it, an aging sculptor and a bullet poet chase after the elusive secret of space flight ... Two lovers struggle against the pandemic discord breaking up their terroid world ...

In their own country Paul Harland and Paul Evenblij have received every award imaginable, and their works have been translated into many languages. Now collected for the first time in English, Babel's Global SF Collection brings you seven incomparable stories from the best the Lowlands have to offer.