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Sackcloth & Ashes cover

Sackcloth & Ashes

Subject: Horror
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: UK

Sackcloth & Ashes is a quarterly magazine of chilling horror fiction, compelling dark verse, original and computerised artwork, plus regular features and innovative articles. The magazine showcases original fiction and artwork from both new and established authors and artists from all corners of the globe, with a multitude of styles and categories under the broad spectrum of horror. Consistently unique and well presented in this high quality, perfect-bound publication.

Issues available: Our Price inc. p&p Status

Fiction by Lee Jones, Paul Finch, Michael Oliveri, Simon Logan, Mark West, Steve Redwood, jon g, Ray Clark, and Gerte Lieber, plus poetry by Sean Russell Friend, and Lloyd Michael Lohr (A5, 76pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fiction by Brian Keene, Paul Joyce, John Saxton, Mark West, Hugh Cook, jon g, Ash Miller, Peter Tennant, and D.F. Lewis, with poetry by Thirza Donaldson, Lloyd Michael Lohr, and William P. Harvey (A5, 76pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fiction by Mark Chadbourn, Michael Kelly, Carol Anne Davis, Steve Savile, Tim Lebbon, John Galloway, Jason Gould, Derek M. Fox, Chad Hensley, and Craig Jones, with poetry by Elizabeth Howkins, and Nancy Bennett (A5, 80pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fiction by Neal L. Asher, jon g, Michael Kelly, Gary Greenwood, Andrew Roberts, Simon Bestwick, Marni Griffin, Chad Hensley, Stuart Young, Richard Wright, Kenneth H. Wood, and Brenda Matheson, with poetry by Susan Valentine, and Christina Voss (A5, 72pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fiction by Steve Savile, Paul Ward, D.F. Lewis, Simon Bestwick, Beetleblack, John Barr, Roger Jackson, Hugh Cook, Paul Finch, and Josef L. Riedlowski (A5, 72pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fiction by Simon Bestwick, Tim Lebbon, Paul Bradshaw & Peter Tennant, Paul Finch, Catherine J. Gardner, R.J. Krijnen-Kemp, Steve Lockley, and Ian Hunter (A5, 52pp p/b) N/A out of print

Fiction by Peter Tennant, Trevor Mendham, Paul Finch, Martin Owton, D.F. Lewis, R.J. Krijnen-Kemp, John B. Ford, Paul Joyce, and Paul Lockey (A5, 52pp p/b) N/A out of print