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The Silent City
by Elisabeth Vonarburg

Subject: Science Fiction
Publisher: Tesseract Books (Canada)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, 209pp, ISBN 1888782772, 1988 UK: £5.95
Europe: £9.94
USA: £12.14
Elsewhere: £12.89
in stock

The Silent City cover

    Informed witha maturity of feeling too seldom encountered in science fiction: a metamorphic journey into disturbing possibilities of gender, social order and genetic science
    William Gibson

In a future Europe, where technology has been driven underground and the people tribalised by nuclear war and political conflicts, a young woman is born within an empty city. Unwittingly, she holds the key to genetic changes which have the potential to preserve the human species – but she must overcome the resistance of the elite few who remain within the city and oppose her.