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Silver Web cover

Silver Web

Subject: Fantasy / Horror / Speculative Fiction
Category: Magazine
Country of Origin: USA

Tending towards the surreal, this magazine has become a force to be reckoned with in the US small press.

    Excellent magazine of the surreal
    The Third Alternative
    This journal is as generous to the imagination as it is to the eye
    CLF Newsletter

Issues available: Our Price inc. p&p Status

Fiction by Claire Robson, Joel Lane, Gary Archambault, Larry Tritten, Christopher Fox, Alan M. Clark, Liz Farrell, Brian Evenson, S. Anthony Newton, and Carl Sieber, interviews with Jonathan Carroll and Jack Ketchum, plus featured artist Rodger Gerberding interviewed by Poppy Z. Brite (A4, 124pp p/b) N/A out of print

Special Music Issue: Interviews with Robyn Hitchcock, Steve Wynn, Tartan Keats, Mick Harvey, and Doug Hoekstra, features by Martin Newell and Randy Fox, and fiction by Jeff VanderMeer, Martin Simpson, Tartan Keats, Mark Rich, Rhonda Eikamp and others (A4, 124pp p/b) UK: £4.50
Europe: £8.49
USA: £10.69
Elsewhere: £11.44
in stock (out of print with publisher)

Fiction by Jeffrey Thomas, Ian Compton, Alan M. Clark, peteso, Sue Storm, Tom Piccirilli, R.L. Rummel, Geoffrey Maloney, Cathryn Pisarski, Nathan Walpow, Bruce Taylor, Alan Casey, and Valerie Jahns (A4, 68pp) N/A out of print

Fiction by Sean Brendan-Brown, Charles L. Roberts, Martin Simpson, Nathan Ballingrad, Gay Pardington Terry, Joe Murphy and Cooper Darnall (A4, 68pp) UK: £4.00
Europe: £6.76
USA: £7.81
Elsewhere: £8.26
in stock (out of print with publisher)

Fiction by K. Huebner, Robert O'Connor, Juleen Brantingham, D.F. Lewis, Cliff Burns, Leland Neville, Ina Roy, and Richard Kostelanetz, plus an interview with Stanley Wiater (A4, 68pp) N/A out of print