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by John Light

Subject: Science Fiction / Poetry
Publisher: Photon Press (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
second edition chapbook with six additional poems, A5, 32pp, ISBN 189796823X, 2003 UK: £1.74
Europe: £4.45
USA: £5.10
Elsewhere: £5.45
in stock

Skyscapes cover

'You would do well to choose this book. And it may just leave you wanting to read more of the same. The language is rich, lush and expressive. It carries us along on a path of discoveries, as in "Creation Myth", a long poem, a flowing tale that satisfies and entrances with its visions. By contrast the short "Sun-Silvered Roads" is concise, fresh, but just as involved and descriptive. But my own favourite has to be "Dark Clouds". The language is sensual, the sentiments sybaritic, as one of my favourite lines "your numinous beauty through half-closed eyes"...'

Carmen Willcox in Flickers 'n' Frames