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Smoking Mirror Blues
by Ernest Hogan

Subject: Science Fiction / Speculative Fiction
Publisher: Wordcraft of Oregon (USA)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, 212pp, ISBN 1877655376, 2001 UK: £9.95
Europe: £13.94
USA: £16.14
Elsewhere: £16.89
in stock

Smoking Mirror Blues cover

    ... the most original voice to hit science fiction since Harlan Ellison
    Ben Bova
    ... William Burroughs on steroids, only writing linearly
    Factsheet Five
    Ernest Hogan has created a kind of North American magic realism...
    Norman Spinrad

An Ancient God
Tezcatlipoca, the Mirror that Smokes, warrior/wizard god of the Aztecs. Western Civilization thought it wiped him out centuries ago...

A New Technology
With the help of silly-bio nanochips, Beto Orozco creates an artificial-intelligence version of Tezcatlipoca. The result is a computerized resurrection...

The Future Will Never Be The Same
So Tezcatlipoca hijacks Beto's body, and runs wild through futuristic Hollywood. The trickster adapts well to the brave, new world, and gets back to his old business of creating chaos and taking control...