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Snuff Flique
by Michael Hemmingson

Subject: Speculative Fiction / Contemporary Literature
Publisher: Cyber-Psycho's A.O.D. (USA)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, 101pp, ISBN 1886988048, 1997 UK: £20.00
Europe: £22.76
USA: £23.81
Elsewhere: £24.26
in stock

Snuff Flique cover

    Snuff Flique -- A pinch of irritant to be yet inhaled; a faux-Francais visual sleight-of-hand. Together a portent of Times That Are, Times To Come, & a justification for The Fiery Rain. Yet in all of this is pain for The Innocent & pain for You -- DO NOT LOOK AWAY! -- in the realization of how much You should enjoy the mutual fear, suffering, & degradation -- and that it brings You pleasure...
    The Joey Zone
    Hemmingson is a fearless writer; his stories frighten me. His tales vibrate to a dreadfully dark chord of romance. And his imagination cuts like a chainsaw through a bunny.
    Peter Gelman
    Hemmingson's stories pack a hell of a punch and show no mercy -- you won't find anything else quite like them.
    Thomas Roche, editor of Noirotica

Acknowledge the Web of Cnidaria, we all live within its entropik pull. The Jellyfish of Creation, the Keepers of Life and Evolution, have long been aware of a severe glitch in the protection of their pet, post-tropical, planet: Earth. Glitch? Primates have discovered the ways of building skyscrapers, bulldozing surroundings, upping radiation levels, and, worse yet, over-crowding themselves to the point of "needing" to police themselves with pseudo mind control measures, of cheating each other for profit and killing each other for pleasure – where few truly realize that even the Jellyfish believe extinction would be prudent at this point. Acknowledge the pain, degradation, sadism, masochism, fear, coldness, disrespect, and loss of personal control, within the hearts and lives of these evolved primates entangled in the Cnidarian Web. Acknowledge our society, shortly before the new millennium.

Don't flinch, you might actually enjoy it.