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by Brian Clark

Subject: Speculative Fiction / Contemporary Literature
Publisher: Wordcraft of Oregon (USA)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, A5, 172pp, ISBN 1877655309, 1999 UK: £6.95
Europe: £10.94
USA: £13.14
Elsewhere: £13.89
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Splitting cover

    Brian Clark's first novel is a fever dream: a voluptuous explosion of melody and rhythm. A gender-bending ride in search of spiritual identity, Splitting revels in the regenerative power of art and language.
    Nikki Dillon, author of Scratch
    To read Splitting is to read a bricolage of prose, philosophy and poetry; Clark's wit and vocabulary dazzle while his humanity is never less than bone deep.
    Susan Lazarro, author of Flesh Envelope

Splitting is a novel of wild ideas, word devilry, a mad romance starring a cast of boisterously original millennians. Splitting is a state of mind where mythology, poetry and archetypal fantasy combine to take the reader on a daring exploration of love and consciousness.