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Stained Glass Rain
by Bruce Boston

Subject: Contemporary Literature
Publisher: Ocean View (USA)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, 460pp, ISBN 0938075306, 1993 UK: £25.00
Europe: £32.95
USA: £36.40
Elsewhere: £37.25
in stock

Stained Glass Rain cover

    Has the authentic taste and feel of the times ... an unrepentant, unglamorized look at the sixties that puts the reader in the middle of its delusions, illusions, ideals and hallucinations
    Timothy Leary
    Captures the spiritual technology of an age which is becoming fable ... a repository of hope, madness, dream and reality -- a true history of a mythical time ... the story of the sixties written by a writer sure of his craft -- without imposing the judgments of today on the real experience of yesterday
    Don Webb

Bruce Boston, well-known as a poet, turns his now-25-year-old experiences into a compelling novel. Stained Glass Rain repeatedly crosses the line between hallucination and history, as is fitting for a coming-of-age novel set in 1966.