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Stealing My Rules
by Don Webb

Subject: Speculative Fiction
Publisher: Cyber-Psycho's A.O.D. (USA)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, 71pp, ISBN 1886988056, 1997 UK: £17.50
Europe: £20.26
USA: £21.31
Elsewhere: £21.76
in stock

Stealing My Rules cover

    In stories ranging from impressionistic vignettes to metafictional recursions, Webb delivers laughs and chills in his allusive, lucid, deadpan style.
    Paul Di Filippo, from the introduction
    Don Webb is the literary equivalent of those tiny capsules that give you a week's worth of fiber in one easy, pleasurable dose. Properly administered, his fiction expands inside your mind, shoving aside stale, musty preconceptions and the dogmatic accretions of lesser writers. I recommend him to all my friends, and we're lighter and more ethereal creatures for the experience. Crazy and crunchy, a droll Pirandello without the soggy bits -- don't miss sinking your teeth into Webb.
    K.W. Jeter
    Don Webb is his own genre. His work is much more than an attempt to explicate or compartmentalize the unknown -- it is a full bore flight into the mysterious. Over the past ten years he has grown into a leading proponent and conservator of the landscapes we cannot know.
    Steve Rasnic Tem

A simple life necessity could be considered that of rearranging your focus, directing that tunnel vision out into several directions at once (sprouting new eye tunnels?), slightly defocusing that which is directly in front of you – in favour of that which is directly behind it. Another necessity could be that of letting synchronicity direct you through moments, sometimes letting go to allow the "waves of the world" to escort you where they will. Perhaps you could combine these necessities into a world and meshed perspective wherein it is all assumed: candid. Minds drift down familiar yet confused thought spirals. That demon you saw out of the corner of your eye, and tried not to think about because you're sick of people mistaking hallucinations for insanity, really was standing their tweaking its ear lobe at you. 'Pataphysics truly apply. One licked anus can cause the birth of sacrificial gods. And it's all just the same ol' hum-drum here...