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That's Entertainment
by Robert Neilson

Subject: Science Fiction / Speculative Fiction
Publisher: Elastic Press (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition paperback, A5, 198pp p/b, ISBN 0955318122, 2007 UK only: £5.99 in stock (out of print with publisher)

That's Entertainment cover

    Here you'll find some very gritty and atmospheric stories, grainy with detail, ranging from bittersweet ironies of missed chances in the past to a harrowing account of exploitative near-future pugilism. John Lennon: now who on Earth was he? Bob Neilson is a great story-teller.
    Ian Watson
    A great new talent in storytelling
    Anne McCaffrey

"Superman was always a bastard."
"You can't say that."
"It's my autobiography. In my head, it's always started with that line.

In these fourteen short stories entertainment is explored in all its forms, subtly twisted into alternate realities where music, boxing, film, and television distort history to sometimes comic, sometimes tragic effect. In Neilson's science fiction, fantasy lives just around the corner from reality.

What if John Lennon had been kicked out of the Beatles? What if Elvis' twin brother had survived? What if we could go back in time to give reality TV a historical perspective? What if the Pope was Irish, a gambler, and needed to bet on a dead cert? Open this book and find out.