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Time Famine
by Lance Olsen

Subject: Speculative Fiction / Contemporary Literature
Publisher: Permeable Press (USA)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, 324pp, ISBN 1882633156, 1996 UK: £20.00
Europe: £24.80
USA: £28.25
Elsewhere: £29.10
in stock (out of print with publisher)

Time Famine cover

    Lance Olsen is a twenty-first-century samurai Dante dressed in chrome chains, neoprene bodysuit and PVC boots and gauntlets, bearing a tattered map of unexplored dimensions of folly and misery, and armed to the teeth with the latest in literary weaponry: smart bombs of metaphor; full-bore, auto-fire hyperbole; and land mines of ideation... Time Famine, nails our probable garbage-heap future to your brain like a guerrilla poster artist with staple-gun in hand...
    Paul Di Filippo
    In Lance Olsen's Time Famine life is a chronic televisual habit, a non-reality of fake memories conjured up by the media's incessant reinterpretation of past and present, a chronomutational flux where everything feels taped... Time Famine is a feast.
    Richard Calder
    This book is proof that there are pleasures of the mind... Lance Olsen's Time Famine joins experimental writing at its liveliest with a deep political awareness. Such a combination, rare and necessary in our culture at this time, heralds the way for novel writers who no longer want to dwell in the realms of the minimalism and egocentricity of what has been called 'American realism'.
    Kathy Acker

The companion novel to Tonguing The Zeitgeist, finalist for the 1994 Philip K. Dick Award for best science fiction novel.

In the atrocity theme park called America, cannibalism isn't just another ride...

A nuclear meltdown, a governcorp conspiracy, damning data archived in time-lost computers... Time Famine blows Ulysses Sysop-of-the-Plains through a time warp into the Sierra Nevada mountains – where he has to try to survive with the starving Donner Party!