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Tower Beyond Time
by John Light

Subject: Fantasy
Publisher: Photon Press (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, A5, 157pp, ISBN 1897968248, 2004 UK: £5.00
Europe: £8.99
USA: £11.19
Elsewhere: £11.94
in stock

Tower Beyond Time cover

In the sequel to No Space in Time, the minds of the hexacontinuum had miscalculated and the result of their error was Melgor Erdin. Isolated from the cosmos which his very existence threatened with chaos, he slept for age after age in the Hall of the Transcender, whilst The Unfathomable sought to reformulate the theory of Transcontinuum Effects. At last Melgor Erdin was roused from his slumber to be swept from world to world by the relentless tides of time. He acted out a drama whose purpose he did not comprehend, bringing change to all whom he encountered, from continuum to continuum, cosmos to cosmos, to the several ends of time until he faced the final enigma.