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The Troika
by Stepan Chapman

Subject: Speculative Fiction / Contemporary Literature
Publisher: Ministry of Whimsy (USA)

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trade paperback, 250pp, ISBN 1890464023, 1997 N/A out of print

The Troika cover

    Winner of the 1997/98 Philip K. Dick Award
    Stepan Chapman's The Troika is cornucopia with cutting edge: a vivid phantasmagoria crowded with bizarre imagery which contrives to remain heartfelt and engaging. It has style, it has wit, it has guts and it has showmanship; what more could anyone want?
    Brian Stableford
    Dali-esque in its crisp outlines, dreamtime logic, and biomorphic weirdness, Stepan Chapman has videoed The Troika through a meta-futuro-philo-comical lens ground by Italo Calvino in the turret of P.K. Dick's high -- very high -- castle. A forehead-smackingly original story-generating engine.
    Lance Olsen

Beneath the glare of three purple suns, manipulated by unseen forces, three travelers cross an endless desert: Alex, who wanted to be a machine, Naomi the corpsicle, and Eva, who escaped the whale-emperor of her native land ...