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Uncertainty Principle
by Steven J. Frank

Subject: Contemporary Literature
Publisher: Permeable Press (USA)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, 230pp, ISBN 1882633261, 1997 UK: £15.00
Europe: £18.99
USA: £21.19
Elsewhere: £21.94
in stock (out of print with publisher)

Uncertainty Principle cover

    Winner of the 1996 Pocket Rocket Prize for Best Novel
    The concept of scientific prodigies coming-of-age found its way into mainstream popular culture several years ago. But most directors and writers have handled the theme with the sophistication of a chimp wielding a saxophone. In this book, Steven J. Frank, a former prodigy himself, shows us what the instrument can really do, delivering a clever, funny, and brassy solo that builds to a poignant and satisfying conclusion
    Glenn Zorpette, board of editors, Scientific American
    This book provides fresh and very entertaining insights into the culture of a great technical institution, where vernacular and technology let denizens communicate on a different plane. It's a Paper Chase for the pocket-protector set
    Jay A. Rolls, Director of Multimedia Technology, Cox Communications Inc.

Will we ever unlock the secrets of the weather? What about those of the heart? Does the key to one open the door to the other? These are the questions pondered by Paul Bustamante as he negotiates the limits of understanding, the lure of the dollar, and the lessons of love at MIT. He's hit on an idea to solve the unsolvable. But he needs help. And a pile of money. Not to mention some attention from the opposite sex... Will Paul discover a formula to predict all phenomena? Or must he find happiness in a world of uncertainty?