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The Virtual Menagerie
by Andrew Hook

Subject: Speculative Fiction
Publisher: Elastic Press (UK)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
paperback, A5, 174pp, ISBN 0954374703, 2002 N/A out of print

The Virtual Menagerie cover

    The best stories here are among the finest that the independent press has to offer.
    Peter Tennant, The Third Alternative
    A collection of value and ambition.
    Nicholas Royle
    A classy production and well worth a fiver of any slipstreamer's cash.
    Allen Ashley, Prism

In this collection of nineteen surreal stories Andrew Hook rides the slipstream through a series of fantastic yet familiar scenarios which, despite their peculiarities, are often only one step removed from reality.

His skewed images are both disturbing and vibrant: a daffodil is inserted into an open wound, a giant beaver rampages through a small town, a boy's coming of age is reflected through schlock horror vignettes, and the planet's Eco-system is downloaded on computer disk.