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Welcome to Hell: A Working Guide for the Beginning Writer
by Tom Piccirilli

Subject: For Writers
Publisher: Fairwood Press (USA)

Edition Our Price inc. p&p Status
first edition trade paperback, A5, 48pp p/b, ISBN 0966818423, 2000 UK: £15.00
Europe: £17.76
USA: £18.81
Elsewhere: £19.26
in stock

Welcome to Hell: A Working Guide for the Beginning Writer cover

    The energy and directness of Piccirilli's fiction abounds in Welcome to Hell. If you are just starting out as a writer, listen to this man. You can trust what he tells you.
    Jack Cady, author of The American Writer
    Piccirilli tells, in a concise and often amusing fashion, what he has learned in over a decade of writing ... Welcome to Hell should be read by anyone serious about embarking on a career writing fiction.
    Richard Laymon
    Tom Piccirilli doesn't mess around with academic folderol that makes unusable pronouncements about writing fiction. He gets right to the marrow with the directness of a heart to heart conversation.
    James Van Pelt, John W. Campbell Award Nominee

Tom Piccirilli writes: "This is a guide to getting started, a map of what pitfalls to look out for, and an outline of what struggles and achievements you can reasonably expect through the course of learning your art. If you get anything out of this small book I hope it's the idea that you should experiment with style, voice, concepts, and musing until you find what allows you to express yourself the best ... This is an overview of what I've found to be elementary truths about the craft and business of writing. Truths that are often lost in the lavish dreams, mythology, and misconceptions of what it is to be a writer."