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Angel Body and other Magic for the Soul, edited by Chris Reed & David Memmott

Full contents list:

  • Thomas E. Kennedy: 'Angel Body'
  • Don Webb: 'Afterward' (nominated for BSFA Award for Best Short Story of 2002)
  • Andrew Darlington: 'Metamorphosis at the End of Time'
  • Lance Olsen: 'Moving'
  • Brian Evenson: 'Lupe Varga, Deceased' (Hon. Mention in Ellen Datlow's Year's Best)
  • Lee Ballentine: 'White Vibrations' (poem)
  • Thomas Wiloch: 'Tell Me I'm Wrong' and 'Floating'
  • Nathan Whiting: 'The Rope Dress' (poem)
  • Ernest Hogan: 'Burrito Meltdown'
  • Andi and Lance Olsen: 'Sewing Shut My Eyes'
  • Scott Edelman: 'Choosing Time'
  • Steve Sneyd: 'They Always Think They Know' (poem)
  • Dan Raphael: 'City Gathers in the Drain' (poem)
  • W. Gregory Stewart: 'Sufferer'
  • Mark Rich: 'Festival of the River'
  • Tom Whalen: 'Concerning the Vampire'
  • Lorraine Schein: 'Frida Kahlo, Pierced by Time'
  • Mark Bilokur: 'Poem Without Words #3'
  • Sandra Lindow: 'Doll House' (poem)
  • John Noto: 'Buzz Bomb: Lost Angel' (poem)
  • Misha Nogha: 'The Carnelian Cat'
  • Denise Dumars: 'Stained Glass'
  • Conger Beasley, Jr: 'The Man Who Adopted Dead Children'
  • Bruce Boston: 'By the Dawn's Early Light'
  • plus illustrations by Richard A. Schindler

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