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BBR Catalogue | Wordcraft

Thanks for joining us from the Back Brain Recluse or Wordcraft websites!

The BBR Catalogue carries a comprehensive range of Wordcraft / Jazz Police titles (many of which are now out of print with the publisher), plus other material by the Angel Body contributors from other publishers.

Wordcraft Speculative Writers Series

  1. Prayers of Steel, Misha, ISBN 1-877655-00-7
  2. The Magic Deer, Conger Beasley Jr, ISBN 1-877655-01-5
  3. Lifting, Mark Rich, ISBN 1-877655-02-3
  4. The Liquid Retreats, Todd Mecklem/Jonathan Falk, ISBN 1-877655-03-1
  5. Oceans of Glass and Fire, Rob Hollis Miller, ISBN 1-877655-04-X (OP)
  6. The Seventh Day and After, Don Webb, ISBN 1-877655-05-8
  7. Pangaea, Denise Dumars, ISBN 1-877655-08-2
  8. The Raw Brunettes, Lorraine Schein, ISBN 1-877655-12-0
  9. Scherzi, I Believe, Lance Olsen, ISBN 1-877655-11-2
  10. Ke-Qua-Hawk-As, Misha, ISBN 1-877655-13-9
  11. The Eleventh Jagaurundi, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, ISBN 1-877655-14-7
  12. The Blood of Dead Poets, Conger Beasley Jr, ISBN 1-877655-15-5
  13. Unreal City, Thomas E. Kennedy, ISBN 1-877655-17-1
  14. Burnt, Lance Olsen, ISBN 1-877655-20-1
  15. The Book of Angels, Thomas E. Kennedy, ISBN 1-877655-23-6
  16. The Din of Celestial Birds, Brian Evenson, ISBN 1-877655-24-4
  17. The Explanation & Other Good Advice, Don Webb, ISBN 1-877655-25-2
  18. The Winter Dance Party Murders, Greg Herriges, ISBN 1-877655-26-0
  19. Shadow Bones, David Memmott, ISBN 1-877655-28-7
  20. Red Spider White Web, Misha, ISBN 1-877655-29-5
  21. Splitting, Brian Charles Clark, ISBN 1-877655-30-9
  22. Contagion and Other Stories, Brian Evenson, ISBN 1-877655-34-1
  23. Freaknest, Lance Olsen, ISBN 1-877655-35-X
  24. Smoking Mirror Blues, Ernest Hogan, ISBN 1-877655-37-6
  25. Realism & Other Illusions: Essays on the Craft of Writing, Thomas E.Kennedy, ISBN 1-877655-38-4
  26. Angel Body and other Magic for the Soul, edited by Chris Reed & David Memmott, ISBN 0-872588-05-0 (UK), ISBN 1-877655-39-2 (USA)

Jazz Police Speculative Poetry Series

  1. House on Fire, David Memmott, ISBN 1-877655-06-6
  2. Invisible Machines, Andrew Joron/Robert Frazier, ISBN 1-877655-10-4
  3. Mr. Templeton's Toyshop, Prose poems by Thomas Wiloch, ISBN 1-877655-16-3
  4. Celebration of Bones, Sandra Lindow, ISBN 1-877655-18-X
  5. Molecular Jam, Dan Raphael, ISBN 1-877655-21-X
  6. Simulcast Yearning, John Noto, ISBN 1-877655-32-5
  7. Showing Light a Good Time, Dan Raphael, ISBN 1-877655-36-8

Other work by Angel Body contributors

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