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2004 relaunch issue
Fiction by K. Bannerman, John Paul Catton, Stepan Chapman, Tim Clare, Hugh Cook, ANDREW DARLINGTON, Phil Emery, Chad Hensley, David Hudson, Antony Mann, Mark Mellon, Debbie Moon, and David Rawson; p [...]
Dreaming Scryers True Deceivers
edited by Steve Sneyd
[...] here and now. This book brings together the work read there by Aldiss, Rip Bulkeley, Cardinal Cox, ANDREW DARLINGTON, John Francis Haines, and Steve Sneyd, both as a fascinating record of a memorable occasion and as [...]
Back Brain Recluse #24
ISBN 1872588050 Angel Body and other Magic for the Soul: Fiction by Thomas E. Kennedy, Don Webb, ANDREW DARLINGTON, Lance Olsen, Brian Evenson, Thomas Wiloch, Ernest Hogan, Scott Edelman, W. Gregory Stewart, Mark R [...]
Angel Body and other Magic for the Soul
edited by Chris Reed & David Memmott
[...] e Moore, Dalkey Archive Press Contents: Thomas E. Kennedy: 'Angel Body' Don Webb: 'Afterward' ANDREW DARLINGTON: 'Metamorphosis at the End of Time' Lance Olsen: 'Moving' Brian Evenson: 'Lupe Varga, Deceased' Lee [...]
I Was Elvis Presley's Bastard Love-Child
[...] nd, August 16, 1977, and was pronounced dead at 3:30pm having never regained consciousness. –ANDREW DARLINGTON, from his introduction ANDREW DARLINGTON has been interview [...]
Headpress #20
ISBN 1900486091 Are you travelling BACK through TIME? ANDREW DARLINGTON – in search of the perfect poetry groupie; interviews with Harvey Pekar and Jade Marcella; Elv [...]
Maelstrom #3
Fiction by ANDREW DARLINGTON, Martin Stannard, Rob Freeth, Trevor Hopper, Edmund Harwood, and John Light
Euroshima Mon Amour
ISBN 0905262271 Brought together in this collection for the first time, ANDREW DARLINGTON's 'Poems from the Inner Mind to the Outer Limits' are the extraordinary work of a poet with an extr [...]
Premonitions #1
[...] o, Raymond K. Avery, D.F. Lewis, Neal Asher, Amy Wolf, Anthony North, Geoff Jackson, Shaun Jeffrey, ANDREW DARLINGTON, M.F. Korn, and Cliff Burns, plus verse by Bruce Boston, ANDREW DARLINGTON, Wayne Edwards, John F, Haines, Scott C. Halstad, Ann Keith, William P. Robertson, and Steve Sneyd
Dreamers on the Sea of Fate
edited by Steve Sneyd
[...] Holdstock, Michael Moorcock, Brian Stableford, David Wingrove, Rupert M. Loydell, Ian McMillan, and ANDREW DARLINGTON. Many of these poets were inspired by Edward Lucie-Smith's seminal anthology Holding Your Eight Ha [...] ave Calder, W. Corner-Clarke, P.E. Presford, John M. Hall, Dave Cunliffe, K.V. Bailey, Steve Sneyd, ANDREW DARLINGTON, J.C. Hartley, Malcolm E. Wright, John F. Haines, Pete Cox, Steve Green, Brian M. Stableford, and N [...]

Total 27 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2 3