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Midnight Street #10
Fiction by Al Robertson, ANDREW HUMPHREY, Joel Lane, Gary McMahon, Stephen Gallagher, Simon Bestwick, Heather Richardson, and Nina Allan, pl [...]
Black Static #2
[...] & Steven Utley, F. Brett Cox, Scott Nicholson, Steve Rasnic Tem, Melanie Fazi, Lynda E. Rucker, and ANDREW HUMPHREY
[...] them. Turns out we all have our dark side... This first novel from successful short-story writer ANDREW HUMPHREY builds on his fascination with dark desires, creating a compelling mystery that holds the reader in [...]
Extended Play: The Elastic Book of Music
edited by Gary Couzens
[...] has rarely been exploited within literature. Until now... Contributors: Marion Arnott, Becky Done, ANDREW HUMPHREY, Emma Lee, Tim Nickels, Rosanne Rabinowitz, Philip Raines, Tony Richards, Nels Stanley, Harvey Well [...]
Crimewave #8
[...] Ian R. Faulkner & Simon Avery, Jay Caselberg, Steve Rasnic Tem, Steve Mohn, Ryan G. Van Cleave, and ANDREW HUMPHREY
Roadworks #14
Fiction by Nina Allan, Brad Evans, Matt Smith, ANDREW HUMPHREY, Sara-Jayne Townsend, Tim Groome, Gene-Michael Higney, Paul Finch, Nancy Bennett, Weston Ochse, Sha [...]
Roadworks #13
Fiction by Brenda Rubin, ANDREW HUMPHREY, Simon Logan, Sharon Bidwell, Mario Petrucci, D.J. Wheatley, Matthew Firth, R.H. Chambers, James Wa [...]
Maelstrom #10
Fiction by ANDREW HUMPHREY, Elizabeth Stott, Edward Jewasinski, Simon Whitechapel, Kay Dee, Roderick S. MacDonald, and Lyn McC [...]
Dream Zone #9
[...] Angerhuber, Simon Bestwick, Steve Mosby, Henrik Johnsson, D. Harlan Wilson, Ian Watson, Eve Rings, ANDREW HUMPHREY, Mark McLaughlin, James McConnon, and Allen Ashley
Other Voices
[...] e's no point giving a shit, you know. About anything. Ever.' 'You keep believing that.' 'I will.' ANDREW HUMPHREY follows up his acclaimed first collection, Open The Box , with another twelve stories of loss and [...]

Total 16 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2