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Talebones #21
Fiction by Daniel E. Blackston, Steve Rasnic Tem, Elisabeth De Vos, Carrie Vaughn, Trey R. Barker, BRUCE TAYLOR, and Webb Harris Jr, plus poetry by Bruce Boston & Marge Simon, J.W. Donelly, Mary Soon Lee, and Ke [...]
#4, Fall 1990
Fiction by Edo van Belkom, Alice Major, BRUCE TAYLOR, Susan MacGregor, Sandy Robertson, Sandra Hunter, Anna Mioduchowska, and Cheryl Merkel
Talebones #11
Fiction by Patrick O'Leary, James Van Pelt, Barb Hendee, BRUCE TAYLOR, James C. Glass, and Ken Rand, poetry by Colleen Anderson, Mike Allen, Mark Budman, Bruce Boston, a [...]
#10, Fall 1992
Fiction by Wesley Herbert, Michael Teasdale, Lyn McConchie, Sally McBride, BRUCE TAYLOR, M.A.C. Farrant, Donna Farley, Amber Hayward, and Lorina J. Stephens
The Final Trick of Funnyman and Other Stories
ISBN 1890464007 For more than 20 years, fantasist BRUCE TAYLOR has been entertaining readers all over the world with his masterful blend of surrealism and magic r [...] an imagination at once intense and gentle, absurd and cutting. A writer of imagination and insight, BRUCE TAYLOR delivers a collection of stories that amazes and intrigues. Terry Brooks The speciality of BRUCE TAYLOR is brief, playful, bizarre stories that occupy the mysterious middle ground somewhere between fanta [...]
[...] OMNI and Robert J. Sawyer remembers Judith Merril, plus profiles of Tom Purdom, Liz Holliday and BRUCE TAYLOR, and reviews of over 100 SF/F magazines and collections
Silver Web #12
[...] peteso, Sue Storm, Tom Piccirilli, R.L. Rummel, Geoffrey Maloney, Cathryn Pisarski, Nathan Walpow, BRUCE TAYLOR, Alan Casey, and Valerie Jahns

Total 7 Displaying 1–7