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by Paul Di Filippo
ISBN 1878914065 CASH. Dollars. Dinero. Euros. Pounds. Rubles. Yen. Buckaroos. Megabucks. Moolah. Smackers. Bread. Simoleans. Spondulix! Money makes the world go 'round. But Rory Honeyman's money make [...]
Joe's Liver
by Paul Di Filippo
ISBN 1878914111 To those benighted and unfortunate souls misfavored by whimsical Fate to the degree that they were born outside the status-conferring territorial confines of the uniquely glorious Uni [...]
Rebel Yell
by Lance Olsen
ISBN 1878914502 A cutting-edge, heading-for-the-millennium guide to the craft of fiction writing, Rebel Yell is perfect for individual or classroom use. Fast-paced and entertaining, Rebel Yell , by [...]
Burning Sky
by Rachel Pollack
ISBN 1878914049 Burning Sky is published in one acid-free-paper edition: a signed-&-numbered collector's hardcover, limited to 300 copies, Smythe-sewn, full-cloth, with full-color dustjacket. Over [...]
by Paul Di Filippo
ISBN 188263330X 1878914022 Paul Di Filippo has achieved the impossible: breaking new ground with vividly imaginative and experimental prose which is nonetheless moving, funny, vastly entertaining, an [...]

Total 5 Displaying 1–5