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[...] Maurer, Pattie McCarthy, Rusty Morrison, T. Motley, Edward Mycue, Simon Perchik, Patrick Pritchett, DAN RAPHAEL, Frances Richard, Stephen Ronan, Julian Semilian, Allegro Shartz, Sotere Torregian, Luke Trent, Nan [...]
Dreams & Nightmares #43
Poetry by Karen Oyerly, Anastasia Andersen, W. Gregory Stewart, Mike Maiello, Rhonda Eikamp, DAN RAPHAEL, Mary Winters, Bob Cook, Charlee Jacob, Herb Kauderer, Hillary Lyon, Michael A. Arnzen, Jonathan Ju [...]
Back Brain Recluse #24
[...] Dumars, Conger Beasley Jr, and Bruce Boston, poetry by Lee Ballentine, Nathan Whiting, Steve Sneyd, DAN RAPHAEL, Sandra Lindow, and John Noto, graphic narrative by Mark Bilokur, and Andi & Lance Olsen, and illus [...]
Angel Body and other Magic for the Soul
edited by Chris Reed & David Memmott
[...] wing Shut My Eyes' Scott Edelman: 'Choosing Time' Steve Sneyd: 'They Always Think They Know' (poem) DAN RAPHAEL: 'City Gathers in the Drain' (poem) W. Gregory Stewart: 'Sufferer' Mark Rich: 'Festival of the Rive [...]
Showing Light a Good Time
[...] ernation for the current status of the world we live in that language itself may not share.' – DAN RAPHAEL DAN RAPHAEL has published 13 books of poetry, his poems have [...] east, accelerating without an engine.' All this in a river of charged language and amazing imagery. DAN RAPHAEL is one of our most enduring, unique, and authentic poets, a poet with a truly universal and protean [...] ollection he's at the top of his form. John M. Bennett, editor, Lost & Found Times Overheard at a DAN RAPHAEL reading: She: 'Do you think he's ever taken acid?' He: 'Taken it!? I think he wears a patch.'
Molecular Jam
ISBN 187765521X DAN RAPHAEL's poetic saxophone often sounds like two horns, bass, and drums jamming together improvisationally [...] in knowing and the creative energy of what is. James Grabill, winner of the 1995 Oregon Book Award DAN RAPHAEL is one of the progenitors of what I refer to as the 'real underground' of the contemporary poetry s [...]

Total 6 Displaying 1–6