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Nasty Snips
edited by Christopher C. Teague
[...] ti & D.F. Lewis, Trevor Mendham, Cathy Buburuz, J. Newman, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, Kristopher Reisz, GERARD DANIEL HOUARNER, Ken Goldman, Kaaron Warren, Paul Lockey, Gene-Michael Higney, Simon Clark, John R. Platt, Scott Ni [...]
Not One Of Us #18
Fiction by Kurt Newton, Thomas Deja, Julie R. Good, GERARD DANIEL HOUARNER, Kate Riedel, S.C. Virtes, and C.D. Wendig
Going Postal
ISBN 0917053117 'You want to do it. Pressure builds, frustrations pile up, options diminish until there seems to be only one explosive choice left. But you don't do anything. You're afraid. You still [...]
Nasty Piece of Work #9
Fiction and poetry by GERARD DANIEL HOUARNER, R.G. Riel, Simon Bestwick, Martyn Blake, R.J. Krijnen-Kemp, Matthew Firth, Mark Astley, Clare Gunt [...]

Total 4 Displaying 1–4