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If You Have Tears (Lona)
by Howard Browne
ISBN 158250007X First published as Lona under the pseudonym of John Evans and out of print for over 40 years, If You Have Tears is the tragic story of Larry Sungail, a bank executive who's worked [...]
Kill and Desire
by Stephen Frances (writing as Duke Linton)
ISBN 0936071796 A relentless, uncompromising novel of Noir, and crime on the loose that will leave you gasping for air. Violent and rough, it moves relentlessly, uncompromisingly towards a showdown s [...]
Murder in Space
by E.C. Tubb
ISBN 0936071893 Mankind has embarked on the conquest of space. But even when, in the future, civilisation becomes truly space-borne, human nature will have remained the same. When we reach out into s [...]
by Morris Hershman (writing as Norman Hunt)
ISBN 0936071877 And here is Kidnapped! , a title Robert Louis Stevenson made famous a century ago about a far different time and place. Morris not only shares the title with him, he matches RLS with [...]
by Michael Avallone
ISBN 0936071672 Mitzi will shock and surprise and entertain you. And it will stick in your mind long after you've turned the final page. Avallone uses the murder suspense novel as a forum to make s [...]
Murder Wears A Halo
by Howard Browne
ISBN 093607180X First-ever book publication of a master pulp crime novel and classic murder mystery! Introduction by Robert Barrett. Presenting the best in classic crime writing, the Gryphon Crime S [...]
You Take The Rap
by John Russell Fearn (writing as Spike Gordon)
ISBN 0936071737 In You Take The Rap , Fearn cleverly varies his usual 'authorial' style to step inside the minds of his varied and colourful characters. And he produces some surprising twists – [...]
She Wanted A Guy
by Norman Lazenby (writing as Rex Rand)
ISBN 0936071729 A drugs and dames gangster novel that will leave you breathless! Presenting the very best in classic British gangster fiction from the glorious days of the 1950s pulp fiction crime [...]
Hell Hath No Fury
by Sydney J. Bounds (writing as Rex Marlowe)
ISBN 0936071710 In Hell Hath No Fury we meet a galvanic array of characters, most notably a truly unusual heroine, Irene Kline. She seems at first to be a conventional naive heroine, demure and tru [...]
Get Me Headquarters
by Stephen Frances (writing as Ace Capelli)
ISBN 0936071524 An incredible hard-hitting classic gangster saga, out of print for nearly 50 years. Presenting the very best in classic British gangster fiction from the glorious days of the 1950s pu [...]

Total 13 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2