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I Was Elvis Presley's Bastard Love-Child
by Andrew Darlington
ISBN 1900486172 My biological father died on Sunday, November 28, 1993, after falling downstairs drunk and never regaining consciousness. My real father was discovered on the bathroom floor of Grac [...]
Nasty Tales: Sex, Drugs & Violence in the British Underground
by David Huxley
ISBN 190048613X Although never on the scale of their American counterparts, there was indeed a Comics Underground in Britain with much the same anti-establishment stance. Many of these comics were ob [...]
Killer Komix 2
by Various Artists
ISBN 095232881X Killer Komix 2 is the long-awaited follow-up to the critically acclaimed comic book on serial killer psychosis. Utilising all new work by a varied team of artists (including the fir [...]
Ghastly Terror! The Horrible Story of the Horror Comics
by Stephen Sennitt
ISBN 1900486075 Back in the 1950s, horror comics flourished to the extent that some 50 or more different titles could be published in a single month. Then these comics were effectively banned, indict [...]
Bizarrism: Strange Lives, Cults and Celebrated Lunacy
by Chris Mikul
ISBN 1900486067 'I am going because I would have no peace if I stayed' So said Donald Crowhurst, 36-year-old owner of a small electronics firm in Somerset, as he set sail on an intended single-hand [...]
Psychotropedia: A Guide to Publications on the Periphery
by Russ Kick
ISBN 1900486032 Psychotropedia is the follow-up to Russ Kick's acclaimed book Outposts. A massive survey of publications that exist outside the mainstream, it provides detailed reviews and orderi [...]
Intense Device: A Journey through Lust, Murder & the Fires of Hell
by Simon Whitechapel
ISBN 0952328895 Dildos through the ages; the life and crimes of the Marquis de Sade; the literary twilight that is the TV & movie tie-in; the Christian Crusader comics of Jack T Chick; visions of End [...]
Sex Murder Art: The films of Jorg Buttgereit
by David Kerekes
ISBN 0952328844 Sex Murder Art is the definitive book on the controversial German film director whose works Nekromantik, Nekromantic 2, Der Todesking and Schramm have earned him a reputation as [...]
Critical Vision: Random Essays & Tracts concerning Sex Religion Death
edited by David Kerekes & David Slater
ISBN 0952328801 Critical Vision is a collection of the best articles from the rare, out-of-print early issues of Headpress magazine. Updated and revised, with the inclusion of much new material e [...]
Slaughter King
by Simon Whitechapel
ISBN 1871592607 A sadistic serial killer is leaving a seemingly random trail of butchered corpses, both male and female, across Europe. He kills and mutilates with the anatomical precision of a surge [...]

Total 11 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2