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New York Review of Science Fiction #285
[...] fantasy's path forward; Patrick McGuire on publishing without books; Amy Ransom on Yves Menard and JEAN-LOUIS TRUDEL; and Ursula Pflug on paradise
New York Review of Science Fiction #207
JEAN-LOUIS TRUDEL on Little Green Men, Rudy Rucker on Charles Stross, Brian Attebury on George MacDonald and C.S. Lew [...]
New York Review of Science Fiction #61
Michael Bishop, 'Read This: An Extended-Play Self-Indulgence'; JEAN-LOUIS TRUDEL, 'The Quebec Scene'; John Clute's and Peter Nicholls's The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction review [...]
New York Review of Science Fiction #88
[...] nce Fiction Dystopia?'; Mark Rich, ''It Was A Wonderful Time': Outtakes: Kornblume: Kornbluthiana;' JEAN-LOUIS TRUDEL, 'French SF and SF in French: A Primer;' Rebecca Ore, 'The First Time;' John Del Gaizo, 'Missile To [...]
#16, Spring 1994
Hard SF Theme Issue: Fiction by Karl Schroeder, Leah Silverman, JEAN-LOUIS TRUDEL, Cory Doctorow, Phillip A. Hawke, Jason Kapalka, and Wesley Herbert
Tesseracts 7
edited by Paula Johanson & JEAN-LOUIS TRUDEL
[...] urg, Andrew Weiner, Allan Weiss, Melissa Yuan-Innes. Translations by Wendy Greene, Yves Meynard and JEAN-LOUIS TRUDEL.
Tesseracts 6
edited by Robert J. Sawyer & Carolyn Clink
[...] y, Lia Pas, Jacqueline Pearce, Clelie Rich, Rhea Rose, Douglas Smith, Jena Snyder, Hayden Trenholm, JEAN-LOUIS TRUDEL, Michael Vance, Elisabeth Vonarburg, Andrew Weiner, and Robert Charles Wilson.
Tesseracts Q
edited by Elisabeth Vonarburg & Jane Brierley
[...] he French-Canadian SF writer will welcome this opportunity to stay longer. Fiction by Yves Meynard, JEAN-LOUIS TRUDEL, Michel Lamontagne, Francine Pelletier, Jean Pierre April, Esther Rochon, Denis Cote, Agnes Guitard [...]
Tesseracts 5
edited by Robert Runte & Yves Meynard
[...] er, Dale Sproule, Elisabeth Vonarburg, Marlene Dean, Sansoucy Kathenor, Andrew Weiner, Cliff Burns, JEAN-LOUIS TRUDEL, Candas Jane Dorsey, Sandra Kasturi, Keith Scott, Tracy Halford, Michel Martin, Michael Coney, Ian [...]
Tesseracts 4
edited by Lorna Toolis & Michael Skeet
[...] Elisabeth Vonarburg, John Robert Colombo, Lesley Choyce, John Park, Tim Wynne-Jones, Derryl Murphy, JEAN-LOUIS TRUDEL, and Candas Jane Dorsey. This anthology merits inclusion in any comprehensive collection, and it re [...]

Total 11 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2