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Interzone #229
[...] y Paul Evanby, Antony Mann, Toby Litt, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, and Jim Hawkins, plus an interview with JEFF VANDERMEER
New York Review of Science Fiction #237
Brian Stableford on writing the future's novels; James Morrow on finding the last witchfinder; JEFF VANDERMEER on the new weird; Charles Platt goes beyond the New Wave; Michael Levy on Mark Van Name; and J.G. S [...]
New York Review of Science Fiction #234
Critical allegories by JEFF VANDERMEER, Mike Barrett on Paula Volsky, Paul Kincaid and Michael Bishop on Morrow and Morrow, Adam Roberts a [...]
New York Review of Science Fiction #101
Sandra J. Lindow, 'Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea: Rescuing the Damaged Child'; JEFF VANDERMEER, 'The Curious Rooms of Angela Carter'; James Bradley, 'A Slippery, Ripperty Thing: Empire and Cultu [...]
New York Review of Science Fiction #188
[...] Atterbury on Eleanor Arneson's Ring of Swords , Allen M. Steele reassesses When Worlds Collide , JEFF VANDERMEER on Michael Moorcock, Mark Rich on the debut issue of Alchemy , Greg Beatty on Ellen Datlow's The [...]
New York Review of Science Fiction #155
[...] search of John T. Sladek, Arinn Dembo gives tribute to Klarkash-Ton, Robert Borski hunts Wolf(e)s, JEFF VANDERMEER anatomizes Jeffrey Ford, and Paul Kincaid goes to extremes with Kathe Koja
New York Review of Science Fiction #144
[...] pe, plus reviews of work by Kage Baker, Vernor Vinge, Pat Murphy, Michaela Roessner, Graham Joyce, JEFF VANDERMEER, David Memmott, John Clute, and Jack McDevitt
Albedo 1 #17
Fiction by Colin Greenland, Trevor Mendham, JEFF VANDERMEER, Robert Neilson, David Murphy, and Donna Taylor Burgess, plus an interview with Norman Spinrad
Scavenger's Newsletter #171
Interview with JEFF VANDERMEER
Hermaphrodite Brig
edited by Marni Griffin
[...] now a small anthology of weird and fantastical tales by Rhys Hughes, D.F. Lewis, Marni Griffin, and JEFF VANDERMEER. Five stories, linked by the sea, by desire: by the obsession to travel to places best left by man. [...]

Total 30 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2 3