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Bus Stop / The Long Trip
by JOHN FRANCIS HAINES & Dainis Bisenieks
ISBN 0905262387
2004 relaunch issue
[...] David Rawson; plus poetry by K.V. Bailey, Larry Blazek, Ed Blundell, Cathy Buburuz, Steven Hampton, JOHN FRANCIS HAINES, J.C. Hartley, Lilith Lorraine, Claire Marshall, Wade Robertson, Steve Sneyd, J.P.V. Stewart, and D [...]
Dreaming Scryers True Deceivers
edited by Steve Sneyd
[...] book brings together the work read there by Aldiss, Rip Bulkeley, Cardinal Cox, Andrew Darlington, JOHN FRANCIS HAINES, and Steve Sneyd, both as a fascinating record of a memorable occasion and as powerful evidence tha [...]
Dreams & Nightmares #40
[...] etry by Judson Crews, Herb Kauderer, Clay Bailey, Ann K. Schwader, Errol Miller, Charles M. Saplak, JOHN FRANCIS HAINES, Charlee Jacob, and Gary William Crawford, plus short prose work by Brian Biswas, and Geoff Jackson [...]
Dreams & Nightmares #42
[...] Wendy Rathbone, Kenneth L. Jones, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Geof Huth, Bruce Boston, Dan Scheltema, JOHN FRANCIS HAINES, John Graywood, Keith Allen Daniels, Carolyn Ann Schirmbeck Campbell, Anastasia Andersen, Glenna Ho [...]
Dreams & Nightmares #61
Poetry by Bruce Boston, Portia Brockway, JOHN FRANCIS HAINES, Mario Milosevic, Jennifer Crow, Donna Taylor Burgess, R. Monk Habjan, G.O. Clark, Timons Esaias, G [...]
Mystery of the City
edited by John Light
[...] K.V. Bailey, Andrew Darlington, Gerald England, Clare Fearnley, John Freeman, Sean Russell Friend, JOHN FRANCIS HAINES, Neil K. Henderson, Martin Holroyd, James Kirkup, John Light, Geoff Lowe, Rupert Loydell, John Ming [...]
Lines of Light
by John Light
[...] ct, never obscure. He tries simply to communicate truth as he perceives it. With an appreciation by JOHN FRANCIS HAINES. The whole book glows Krax

Total 8 Displaying 1–8