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Kimota #16
Fiction by JULIE TRAVIS, Christopher Harman, Trevor Mendham, Steve Mosby, Paul Edwards, Christopher Mennell, Jill McGroarty [...]
Kimota #6
Fiction by Stephen Gallagher, Peter Tennant, Paul Finch, Martin Owton, Dave O'Neill, JULIE TRAVIS, Kim Padgett-Clarke, David Longhorn, and Caroline Dunford, plus an interview with Michael Marshall [...]
Psychotrope #3
Fiction by Gavin Williams, D.F. Lewis, D. Ceder, Rhys H. Hughes, Cathy Buburuz, JULIE TRAVIS, Peter Jamieson Sinclair, Paul Pinn, Alan Casey, and A.J. Pothecary
Third Alternative #5
Fiction by Rick Cadger, Mark McLaughlin, Neal Asher, P.J.L. Hinder, Tim Lebbon, Wayne Edwards, JULIE TRAVIS, and Mike O'Driscoll
Last Rites & Resurrections
edited by Andy Cox
[...] lar independent magazine The Third Alternative . Contributors include Martin Simpson, Rick Cadger, JULIE TRAVIS, Lawrence Dyer, Kim Padgett-Clarke, Joel Lane, Nicholas Royle, James Miller, Simon Avery, Hick Turn [...]

Total 5 Displaying 1–5