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The Elastic Book of Numbers
edited by Allen Ashley
[...] ibutors: Marion Arnott, Allen Ashley, Neil Ayres, Paul Evanby, Toiya Kristen Finley, Jeff Gardiner, KAY GREEN, Sam Hayes, Charles Lambert, Joel Lane, Tim Lees, Phil Locascio, Rosaleen Love, John Lucas, Mark Pa [...]
Jung's People
[...] per roles laid out for us; those driven by mythology, by instinct, and fate. Containing 14 stories, KAY GREEN's first collection of short fiction examines with depth and insight the paths by which we choose to [...] reflective anthology, Jung's People serves to deconstruct the modernist, and reinvent the pagan. KAY GREEN's refreshingly original stories tap into the vast and powerful mysteries that exist beneath our com [...]
Legend #7
Fiction by Terry Gates-Grimwood, C.J. Carter-Stephenson, Lauren Halkon, Justin Thorne, KAY GREEN, Chris Naylor, and Jack Caynon, plus an interview with Storm Constantine
The Alsiso Project
edited by Andrew Hook
[...] Contributors are Marion Arnott, Allen Ashley, K J Bishop, Gary Couzens, Matt Dinniman, John Grant, KAY GREEN, Andrew Hook, Brian Howell, Andrew Humphrey, Nick Jackson, Chris Kenworthy, David Allen Lambert, An [...]

Total 4 Displaying 1–4