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Back Brain Recluse #24
[...] ngel Body and other Magic for the Soul: Fiction by Thomas E. Kennedy, Don Webb, Andrew Darlington, LANCE OLSEN, Brian Evenson, Thomas Wiloch, Ernest Hogan, Scott Edelman, W. Gregory Stewart, Mark Rich, Tom Whal [...] eve Sneyd, Dan Raphael, Sandra Lindow, and John Noto, graphic narrative by Mark Bilokur, and Andi & LANCE OLSEN, and illustrations by Richard A. Schindler (see separate Angel Body catalogue page for full deta [...]
Angel Body and other Magic for the Soul
edited by Chris Reed & David Memmott
[...] . Kennedy: 'Angel Body' Don Webb: 'Afterward' Andrew Darlington: 'Metamorphosis at the End of Time' LANCE OLSEN: 'Moving' Brian Evenson: 'Lupe Varga, Deceased' Lee Ballentine: 'White Vibrations' (poem) Thomas Wi [...] g' and 'Floating' Nathan Whiting: 'The Rope Dress' (poem) Ernest Hogan: 'Burrito Meltdown' Andi and LANCE OLSEN: 'Sewing Shut My Eyes' Scott Edelman: 'Choosing Time' Steve Sneyd: 'They Always Think They Know' (p [...]
[...] False memories. Televisual consciousness. A Dickensian 2023 London in extremis. Just another day in LANCE OLSEN's imagination... For all its surface weirdness, Freaknest is a naif's tale, in the tradition of a [...]
Shadow Bones
by David Memmott
[...] way with its mythic resonance, wise magic, and compassionate imaginative fire. On into the unknown! LANCE OLSEN
Rebel Yell
[...] use. Fast-paced and entertaining, Rebel Yell , by Idaho Writer-in-Residence and acclaimed novelist LANCE OLSEN, begins with a concise but thorough presentation of compositional basics and quickly progresses to [...]
The Explanation and Other Good Advice
by Don Webb
[...] ccult resonance, sui generis humor, and pure narrative hoodoo. Plug them into your brain stem stat. LANCE OLSEN
Time Famine
[...] o the Sierra Nevada mountains – where he has to try to survive with the starving Donner Party! LANCE OLSEN is a twenty-first-century samurai Dante dressed in chrome chains, neoprene bodysuit and PVC boots a [...] p future to your brain like a guerrilla poster artist with staple-gun in hand... Paul Di Filippo In LANCE OLSEN's Time Famine life is a chronic televisual habit, a non-reality of fake memories conjured up by t [...] Time Famine is a feast. Richard Calder This book is proof that there are pleasures of the mind... LANCE OLSEN's Time Famine joins experimental writing at its liveliest with a deep political awareness. Such a [...]
ISBN 1877655201 Murph Porter, an avant-prof at Central Kentucky University, is getting really sick and tired of reading bad student prose. He goes just a bit over the top trying to educate his charge [...]
Tonguing The Zeitgeist
ISBN 1882633040 So you want to be a rock'n'roll star? In a future that isn't distant enough, you'll have to sell your soul to MTV just to pick up a guitar. And then they start carving you up, making [...]
Scherzi, I Believe
ISBN 1877655112 From the twisted avant-populist mind of LANCE OLSEN (author of the underground best seller Tonguing The Zeitgeist ) comes this collection of short fic [...] ly demented rap on 'imaginary' porn starlet Traci XXX and the meaning of post-modernism), and more. LANCE OLSEN writes as if he were Lucifer taking the long plummet to Hell. His prose lights the sky with mocking [...]

Total 11 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2