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Dreams & Nightmares #70
Poetry by Leah Bobet, Sonta Taaffe, Herb Kauderer, Robert Frasier, LEE BALLENTINE, Marge Simon, Gary William Crawford, Tim Jones, Ann K. Schwader, Todd Hanks, Holly Day, Bruce Bosto [...]
ISBN 0938075853 Includes work by Will Alexander, Michael & LEE BALLENTINE, Michael Basinski, John M. Bennett, Charles Borkhuis, Roniie Burk, Garrett Caples, Ryan Christoff, [...]
Back Brain Recluse #24
[...] Whalen, Lorraine Schein, Misha Nogha, Denise Dumars, Conger Beasley Jr, and Bruce Boston, poetry by LEE BALLENTINE, Nathan Whiting, Steve Sneyd, Dan Raphael, Sandra Lindow, and John Noto, graphic narrative by Mark [...]
Angel Body and other Magic for the Soul
edited by Chris Reed & David Memmott
[...] ton: 'Metamorphosis at the End of Time' Lance Olsen: 'Moving' Brian Evenson: 'Lupe Varga, Deceased' LEE BALLENTINE: 'White Vibrations' (poem) Thomas Wiloch: 'Tell Me I'm Wrong' and 'Floating' Nathan Whiting: 'The R [...]
Renounce the Emerald Piety
ISBN 0938075764 A long piece of speculative poetry by the renowned poet and editor of the seminal cross-genre anthology POLY .
High Fantastic
edited by Steve Rasnic Tem
[...] with art of the fantastic by Colorado artists of the 1940s on, selected and discussed by art editor LEE BALLENTINE. Ed Bryant has contributed a comprehensive history of genre writers and writing in the state.
Phase Language
[...] e empires wend their way, both glittering and dark, toward the 'end' or 'turn of the century', poet LEE BALLENTINE records the procession in scenarios that project the 'information age' onto archetypal screens. The [...]
Dream Protocols
ISBN 0962670812 A major collection of speculative poetry from the editor of POLY: New Speculative Writing that explores the increasingly intimate interface of our minds and bodies with circuitry an [...]
POLY: New Speculative Writing
ISBN 0938075055 A seminal anthology bringing together writers from SF and the contemporary mainstream in a cross-pollination of science and surrealism, literature and science fiction. Extensive as w [...]
Medusas / Psallat Ecclesia Mater Illibata
by LEE BALLENTINE & Notker Balbulus
ISBN 0905262301 In 'Ace Double' format, a speculative/experimental SF poem by LEE BALLENTINE (editor of the seminal poetry anthology POLY ) with (in original Latin and new translation) probab [...]

Total 10 Displaying 1–10