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Dream Zone #12
[...] hley, Steve Eldritch, Martin Cowap, Kristine Ong Muslim, Rhys Hughes, David Mathew & M.F. Korn, and MICHAEL PENDRAGON
Dream Zone #4
[...] Edwards, Cathy Wright, Peter Tennant, Mark West, Dianna Hardy, R. David Fulcher, Tamsin Forman, and MICHAEL PENDRAGON
Roadworks #5
[...] d Ratcliffe, Gary Couzens, Stuart Young, Anthea Holland & D.F. Lewis, D.F. Lewis & Hertzan Chimera, MICHAEL PENDRAGON, Andres Vaccari, Gary McMahon, jon g, Allen Ashley, and Alan Frackelton, plus Andrew Hook as featur [...]
Dream Zone #2
[...] Attaway, Roger Jackson, Paul Finch, Kenneth H. Wood, Sari Pauloma, David Price, David Cowdall, and MICHAEL PENDRAGON
Enigmatic Tales #6
[...] nnant, David Christopher, Katherine Haynes, Carole Tyrrell, Paul Finch, Pamela Stuart, John Saxton, MICHAEL PENDRAGON, Paul Bradshaw, Dale J. Nelson, Francis C. Prevot, Lauren Halkon, and Steve Savile
Enigmatic Tales #4
[...] , Zita Inez Ponder, Tina Ruth, D.F. Lewis & Gordon Lewis, Paul Marshall, Jules Verne, Paul Walther, MICHAEL PENDRAGON, Deborah Maudlin, Stuart Young, James Doig, Martin Owton, Peter Wykes, Mark McLaughlin, Rick Kennet [...]
Nasty Piece of Work #5
[...] Marion Mathieu, Peter Smith, Sandre Clays, Paul Finch, Nancy Bennett, John Moralee, Peter Tennant, MICHAEL PENDRAGON, Rhys Hughes, Uncle River, Tim Lebbon, Simon Bestwick, Stuart Young, Cathy Buburuz, Marc Harris, Mi [...]
[...] ghtscapes is a superb collection of traditional supernatural fiction from renowned American author MICHAEL PENDRAGON. Containing two award-winning stories amongst its ten gripping tales of terror and black humour, th [...]

Total 8 Displaying 1–8