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Leviathan 2: Novellas
edited by Jeff VanderMeer & Rose Secrest
ISBN 1890464031 Not since the halcyon days of the Renaissance and Boccaccio's Decameron have writers had such fun with the 'long story' as critically acclaimed novelist Richard Calder, Philip K. Dic [...]
The Final Trick of Funnyman and Other Stories
by Bruce Taylor
ISBN 1890464007 For more than 20 years, fantasist Bruce Taylor has been entertaining readers all over the world with his masterful blend of surrealism and magic realism. Now, for the first time, thes [...]
The Troika
by Stepan Chapman
ISBN 1890464023 Beneath the glare of three purple suns, manipulated by unseen forces, three travelers cross an endless desert: Alex, who wanted to be a machine, Naomi the corpsicle, and Eva, who esca [...]
Danger Music
by Stepan Chapman
A distinctly American surrealist and satirist, Chapman writes disturbing, absurdist tales which are one part Joseph Heller, one part Terry Southern, and completely 'Chapmanesque'. Extremely funny and [...]
Leviathan: Into the Gray
edited by Jeff VanderMeer & Luke O'Grady
Ten journeys into the unknown by superlative storytellers from the mainstream and genre ranks. Stories of adventure, relationships, psychological suspense, the metafictional, and the metaphysical by s [...]

Total 5 Displaying 1–5