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Missing Pieces
by Kathryn Rantala
ISBN 0938075284 Seattle in the Thirties and Forties was a sometimes seedy, often melancholy place, full of toil (if you were lucky enough to be working), human tragedy and blue-collar boredom. Leo La [...]
High Fantastic
edited by Steve Rasnic Tem
ISBN 0938075454 Many important fantastists and science fiction writers have lived and written in Colorado from the 1940s to the 1990s. For some, Colorado did not feature prominently in their work. Bu [...]
Stained Glass Rain
by Bruce Boston
ISBN 0938075306 Bruce Boston, well-known as a poet, turns his now-25-year-old experiences into a compelling novel. Stained Glass Rain repeatedly crosses the line between hallucination and history, as [...]
Journal of an Astronaut / Nostalgia of the Infinite
by G. Sutton Breiding & Janet Hamill
ISBN 0938075225 Journal of an Astronaut by G. Sutton Breiding presents poetry from the editor of Punk-Surrealist Cafe, and author of two previous books of poems, Autumn Roses (1984) and Neckla [...]
Bad News from the Stars / Short Circuits
by Steve Sneyd & Bruce Boston
ISBN 0938075160 Steve Sneyd's Bad News From the Stars is SF verse from one of the most successful writers and stylists. Presented in an upside-down-and-back-to-back format with the short prose of B [...]
All The Visions / Space Baltic
by Rudy Rucker & Anselm Hollo
ISBN 0938075128 Rudy Rucker's All The Visions is a non-stop stream-of-consciousness memoir from the early 1980s and only recently published, that gives us Rucker from the inside out. Life, love, dr [...]
New Bruce Boston Omnibus
by Bruce Boston
Five volumes of work by one of the leading contemporary poets in the fields of SF and horror: Jackbird, She Comes When You're Leaving, All the Clocks are Melting, Alchemical Texts and Nuclear Futur [...]
POLY: New Speculative Writing
edited by Lee Ballentine
ISBN 0938075055 A seminal anthology bringing together writers from SF and the contemporary mainstream in a cross-pollination of science and surrealism, literature and science fiction. Extensive as w [...]
Co-orbital Moons / Prayer Wheels of Bluewater
by Robert Frazier & Loss Pequeno Glazier
ISBN 0938075047 Robert Frazier's Co-Orbital Moons presents poems of science and science fiction by a poet whose work has appeared in Grimoire, Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine, The Magazine of Speculati [...]

Total 9 Displaying 1–9