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Uncertainty Principle
by Steven J. Frank
ISBN 1882633261 Will we ever unlock the secrets of the weather? What about those of the heart? Does the key to one open the door to the other? These are the questions pondered by Paul Bustamante as h [...]
Flying Saucers Over Hennepin
by Peter Gelman
ISBN 1882633245 The invasion of Minneapolis has already taken place. It happened sometime in the late '80s – the Go-Go Years, the Junk Bond Age. While the yuppies were hustling and getting their [...]
by Paul Di Filippo
ISBN 188263330X 1878914022 Paul Di Filippo has achieved the impossible: breaking new ground with vividly imaginative and experimental prose which is nonetheless moving, funny, vastly entertaining, an [...]
The Larger Earth: Descending Notes of a Grounded Astronaut
by David Memmott
ISBN 1882633180 Rhysling Award winner Memmott is a wizard, whirling together ideas like a conductor before an orchestra. The Larger Earth is the story of an astronaut returned to an Earth not quite [...]
Time Famine
by Lance Olsen
ISBN 1882633156 The companion novel to Tonguing The Zeitgeist , finalist for the 1994 Philip K. Dick Award for best science fiction novel. In the atrocity theme park called America, cannibalism isn' [...]
The Naughty Yard
by Michael Hemmingson
ISBN 1882633024 Time for a story as told by the child of Henry Miller and Molly Bloom... A story with a Kama Sutra twist and a heartbreaking view of the moon. ...a killer series of intersecting monol [...]
Tonguing The Zeitgeist
by Lance Olsen
ISBN 1882633040 So you want to be a rock'n'roll star? In a future that isn't distant enough, you'll have to sell your soul to MTV just to pick up a guitar. And then they start carving you up, making [...]
Flyscraper / Toxic Shock Syndrome
by Mark Romyn & Carolina Vegas Starr
ISBN 1882633172 Mark Romyn's Flyscraper is heart-stopping, tongue-clumping, knuckle-biting excitement! See the giant flyman punch a city! Hear the voice of a nation cry out in annoyance! Feel the [...]
Three-Hand Jax and Other Spells
by Staszek
ISBN 1882633083 Up and out from the underground streams Staszek wild and wide-awake in his first collection of prose, Three-Hand Jax and Other Spells . You'll find in Jax a new nakedness, a strip- [...]
The Final Dream & Other Fictions
by Daniel Pearlman
ISBN 1882633059 The long-awaited first collection of fiction from master extrapolationist Daniel Pearlman. Overpopulation, ecological hypocrisy, authoritarianism, the clash of the traditions of the p [...]

Total 11 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2