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New York Review of Science Fiction #228
Mike Barrett on Ernest Bramah's lost China, James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel on post-cyberpunk, ROBERT J. SAWYER on the failings of StarWars , David Mead on Brenda Cooper, Henry Wessells on Ellen Klages, and Bri [...]
New York Review of Science Fiction #231
Special SF in China issue with reports by David Brin, Nancy Kress, ROBERT J. SAWYER, Neil Gaiman, Michael Swanwick, David W. Hill, and Carolyn Clink, plus Greg Johnson on Emma Bull, J [...]
New York Review of Science Fiction #208
[...] gerated reports of the Death of Science Fiction; an interview with Tom Purdom; Donald M. Hassler on ROBERT J. SAWYER; David Mead on Robert Reed; Mark Rich on Philip K. Dick; Graham Sleight on Peter Watts; Greg Johnso [...]
New York Review of Science Fiction #197
Andrew Matveev meets Michael Swanwick; John Clute on Michael Chabon's Detection , ROBERT J. SAWYER on SF and social Change, two views of Elizabeth Hand's Mortal Love , Russell Blackford on Damien B [...]
New York Review of Science Fiction #170
ROBERT J. SAWYER on images of artificial intelligence in SF, Donald Kingsbury and Graham Sleight exchange views on p [...]
New York Review of Science Fiction #107
[...] A Panel Discussion, L.A.con III 1996'; 'The Sixth Annual James Tiptree, Jr. Awards Annotated List'; ROBERT J. SAWYER's Starplex , reviewed by Michael M. Levy; John Kessel's Corrupting Dr. Nice , reviewed by Bill Sh [...]
#13, Summer 1993
Fiction by ROBERT J. SAWYER, Jason Kapalka, Bill Wren, Marian L. Hughes, Alison Baird, Bruce Barber, Nicholas de Kruyff, and Hu [...]
Tesseracts 6
edited by ROBERT J. SAWYER & Carolyn Clink
ISBN 1895836336 1895836328 Edited by Nebula Award winning author ROBERT J. SAWYER and poet Carolyn Clink, Tesseracts 6 brings together the best new Canadian SF in English (and in [...]
On Spec: The First Five Years
edited by On Spec Editorial Collective
[...] fiction and fantasy magazine, On Spec . Includes fiction by Eileen Kernaghan, James Alan Gardner, ROBERT J. SAWYER, Karl Schroeder, Catherine MacLeod, Jason Kapalka, Wesley Herbert, Wade Bell, Dirk L. Schaeffer, Ri [...]
Altair #2
[...] artley, Devon Monk, and Brendan Carson, plus articles by Kate Forsyth, Ian Watson, Melisa Michaels, ROBERT J. SAWYER and Nicola Griffiths

Total 13 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2