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2004 relaunch issue
Fiction by K. Bannerman, John Paul Catton, STEPAN CHAPMAN, Tim Clare, Hugh Cook, Andrew Darlington, Phil Emery, Chad Hensley, David Hudson, Antony Mann, Mark [...]
Scheherazade #22
Fiction by Sandra Unerman, Lyn McConchie, Jean Lorrain, Marise Morland, and STEPAN CHAPMAN, plus an interview with Neil Gaiman
The Zone #8
Fiction by Bruce Boston, STEPAN CHAPMAN, Robert Earl, Phil Emery, Simon Kewin, John Travis & D.F. Lewis, Steve Sneyd, and David Underwood, [...]
Not One Of Us #22
[...] s Deja, and Leland Neville, plus poetry by Geoff Stevens, John Grey, C.A. Gardner, Karen R. Porter, STEPAN CHAPMAN, Cindy Main, Nancy Bennett, and Jamie Meyers
Leviathan 2: Novellas
edited by Jeff VanderMeer & Rose Secrest
[...] with the 'long story' as critically acclaimed novelist Richard Calder, Philip K. Dick Award winner STEPAN CHAPMAN, Tiptree Award finalist L. Timmel Duchamp, and Welsh sensation Rhys Hughes. No matter where you [...]
Scheherazade #17
Fiction by Lyn McConchie, Richard Salsbury, Ralph Greco Jr., Sue Thomason, STEPAN CHAPMAN, Stephen Smith, and Susan Alley
Implosion #5
Fiction by Daniel Linn, Chuck Anderson, Michelle Jacobs, John Ireland, Mac Tonnies, STEPAN CHAPMAN, Matthew Firth, Sarah Jacobelli, and John Hayes; travel to Japan, Australia and Transylvania; music [...]
SF Eye #14
[...] ip K. Dick, plus articles by Michael Hemmingson, Nancy A. Collins, Charles Platt, Sherry Goldsmith, STEPAN CHAPMAN, Bruce Sterling, Paul Di Filippo, Richard Kadrey, Paul T. Riddell, and Joey Zone
The Troika
[...] a, who escaped the whale-emperor of her native land ... Winner of the 1997/98 Philip K. Dick Award STEPAN CHAPMAN's The Troika is cornucopia with cutting edge: a vivid phantasmagoria crowded with bizarre imagery [...] want? Brian Stableford Dali-esque in its crisp outlines, dreamtime logic, and biomorphic weirdness, STEPAN CHAPMAN has videoed The Troika through a meta-futuro-philo-comical lens ground by Italo Calvino in the tu [...]
Danger Music
A distinctly American surrealist and satirist, Chapman writes disturbing, absurdist tales which are one part Joseph Heller, one part Terry Southern, and completely 'Chapmanesque'. Extremely funny and [...]

Total 11 Displaying 1–10Pages: 1 2